We can repair, service, modify, or otherwise improve nearly every part of your BMW or other fine vehicle.

Some of our common services include:

  • Oil changes (BMW Longlife-rated fully synthetic oils and OEM filters)
  • Brakes
  • Suspension and steering
  • Transmission, differential and transfer case fluid/filter service and repairs
  • Fluid leaks (oil, coolant, transmission fluid, differential fluid, washer fluid, everything)
  • Ignition (spark plugs, ignition coils, etc)
  • OEM engine air filters, cabin air filters, wiper blade sets
  • Engine and other module diagnostics using professional-level scan tools
  • Track car preparation, service, and inspection sign-offs
  • Fender rolling and pulling for additional tire clearance
  • Connecting rod bearing replacement (S65, S85, S54, etc)
  • Valve adjustment (S54, S38, M20, etc)
  • Timing chain guide replacement (N20, M62, etc)
  • SMG gearbox repairs and maintenance (clutch, flywheel, adaptations, fluid changes, sensors, etc)
  • Light bulbs, warning lamp explanations, advise on what gasoline to use, no question or job is too small!

Our hourly labour rate is $99 – compare to local BMW dealer at $165, and local BMW independent specialist at $130.

Text or call 647-889-9554 or email today!